Saturday, 17 October 2009

Origins: Past Work

On The Road began while attending University Of Westminster, studying for a Masters Of Arts in Photojournalism, 2008. A semblance to the project through-out East Anglia. The initial work concentrated on the services which lay on the A30 and A303 - a route which traverses from South West London to the rocky coastal peninsula of Lands End, Cornwall. While the narratives of the Trans-American adventures written by Jack Kerouac's and Willie Nelsons country classic provided me with a perfect title. Influenced by so many aspects of modern culture, here was an opportunity to dedicate a summer to work on a project with no constraints. Having spent almost a decade away from the UK, my main influence was to create something quintessentially British. My appetite was hungry for inspiration and it came while driving along the A12 in Suffolk. I pasted a Burger Van, one which I'd passed growing up in the region many times. Vivid memories ignited, most of which came while cycling from Le Talbooh Restaurant, where for 3 summers during my teens i worked as a part-time La Plonge. For reasons unbeknown, I was deeply charmed by this rustic roadside burger van, it's complete uniqueness was so diverse to the silver service restaurant where I'd just journeyed from. Sitting under a canape of grand Oak trees, adjacent to undulating pastureland while the traffic wisps past in all it's haste - it summed up something very British, a location full of transience, while representing a sense freedom. In those passing moments a concept was born. The finished work was exhibited in Host Gallery in September 2008 while a short and very personal run of 5 books were printed.

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