Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Whats new On The Road....

As winter locks it's bone chilling grip over East Anglia, as darkness seemingly outweighs daylight, time on the road can be dark and dreary. As for those manning the front line of the roadside services industry, time elopes with an essence of solitude. Set upon a backdrop of transient trade, filtering past in all its haste, often it's the returning faces form the foundations of the trade and with it retain a subtle smile from those whom are only to happy to serve.

Longer nights simply mean more time on the road surrounded by blackness and the passing hazy headlights. While a number of services will shut up mid-afternoon, others remain open 24hours, where the staff keep an ever watchful eye open for their next customer, adding another burger on the grill. Making preparations for three days on the road, dropping in on the roadside cafes of East Anglia I wander what will greet me in this festive season? The past couple months I've seen a number of services within Suffolk and Norfolk, meeting people with tales of past and present. What is Christmas like on the road?

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