Saturday, 19 December 2009

George Orwell Once Wrote....

...'Tea is the poor mans opium' - written in his industrial memoirs 'The Road to Wigan Pier'. Yet there seems to be a lot of weight hanging from a beverage which has seemingly shaped a nation - steadfast at the vanguard of British society. And like the Chinese, many take great pride in the cup they serve. While there maybe a hint of relevance in this Orwellian sentence, as one cup of finely brewed tea offers much refuge in many situations, which unquestionably leads to the want for more. For my part, it's certainly number one for quenching a thirst, especially when you're on the road all day, there's nothing quite like sipping a piping hot brew when caught in the elements.

While December has seen a host of seasonal treats, cold spells and blue skies rich in tones and mild in climate, together with a surprisingly vast pre-Christmas snowfall to keep all happy for another year or so. It's certainly satisfies the mind to witness the vistas around East Anglia in such an alpine semblance. So what's been happening On The Road this month? Firstly, lets talk food. If your travelling down that old country road, notably the A140 - make a point at stopping at 'The Lucky Charm' burger van, at the Roy Humpheys site, for mouth watering locally made Lincolnshire or pork sausage - full of flavour and much love. While Donna's Cafe just north of Stratford St Mary on the A12 offers and blinder cuppa. I also stumbled across two classic re-furbished buses now off the road and used as lay-by cafes - Blackwells Bus Cafe on the A12 as well as Di's big Red Bus Cafe on the A1124 near the quintessential Earls Colne.

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