Monday, 4 January 2010

Staff at the Red Lodge 24hr Cafe

During the 1960s and 1970s a wave of photorealism spurred artists, notably in the United States, to create paintings replicating photographs of the every day. Artists such as Richard Estes and Ralph Goings formulated iconic works of art in this newly established fashion. With the Pop Art movement in full swing, Goings detailed paintings of roadside diners and sticky American Chilli Sauce bottles were a semblance and symbolic to the modern trends and a timeless era.

Certainly when producing the original, On The Road, body of work captured along the A30 and A3030 in the South West of England, many dining establishments whispered a timeless, often American appeal. Images of an ostensible yesteryear were widening my photographic portfolio. When technology leaps into tomorrow with unending haste, where the commercial motorway dining experience is non-descript and seemingly stylised up and down the country to be one, capturing original photographs which were reminiscent of yesterday was humbling. Sometimes nostalgia is a vision of the now. The picture above shows two waitresses from the 24 hour cafe in Red Lodge - a traditional truckers rest where music memorabilia, flyers and record sleeves decorates a previously modern decor.

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