Saturday, 27 February 2010

A1 - The Great North Road:

In the early 1980's Paul Graham embarked on a photo-project which quickly became topic of conversation among many photojournalists. A1 - The Great North Road was the title of his book: a visual insight to a 80's Britain. Capturing life within the service industry, his images sum up an era. Spanning from the bankers and conservative colours at the heart of London, to the bleak smoke choked skies further North.

While the pre-text much is discussed "the open road is no-mans land - imbued on the edge of society with a melancholy stoicism'. No-doubt Jack Kerouac would have quoted this combination of words and images as poetry while, Robert Frank, one of the pioneering On The Road photographers welcomes the road as a new beginning? For Graham, while his work remains more allusive compared to other British photographers of his generation, his images unquestionably cusp the mood of the era.

The top left image was taken as part of the initial 'On The Road' featuring Lizzy - a waitress at Jack's Of Bagshot, while the image was captured at Ron's Snax along the very Great North Road which saw Graham traversing looking for those decisive moments during the early 80s.

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