Thursday, 11 February 2010

Food For Thought

Roadside Britain: On The Road is a glimpse at the service industry imbued within East Anglia. Through the means of documentary photography, the project is a fly on the wall account, embracing the traditional and quintessential industry, which in accordance to many, has passed it's glory days, yet remains a choice stop for a host of truckers, commuters and day-trippers, while binding a rich mix of social diversities. Superficially, a rough trade with worn edges, yet behind the often-forlorn exterior is a welcoming and embracing smile, fundamentally one, which is open to all. I've spent the previous six months visiting many of these trades scattered through-out East Anglia, clocked countless miles and passed seemingly unending mainstream petrol stations, yet it's the individualism and eccentricities of these services, which sparks the imagination. As I chat to the workers, the truckers, the businessman and women and the passers by who use these services on more than a transient basis, many recall an interesting yarn, be it of other establishments on the road, or venting the affairs currently hitting the headlines. I leave, camera in hand, observations scribbled in my ring bound notebook, with tales from the patrons who take their refugue in the lay-bys and cafes along our roads.

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