Thursday, 13 January 2011

Roadside Britain: On The Road by Sam Mellish Photography

Roadside Britain: On The Road is Sam Mellish’s latest photography project. Supported by the Arts Council of England and predominately carried out throughout East Anglia, the work portrays the livelihoods imbued on the edge of society. Floating between the observational and the voyeuristic, documenting the mundane, the eccentric and a unique, much loved Britishness, the work challenges the icons of the highway and brings home a real taste of Roadside Britain.

Over the past two years Sam has undertaken road-trips throughout East Anglia, and notably journeyed from city to coast, traveling from, London to Lands End to document traditional roadside services. In America these icons of the highway are dazzled in bright neon, where big is best and road trips are the stuff of myth and legend, while back home, journeys are part of our daily routine and those stops along the way often go often go un-noticed. With a love for tea and the open road, Sam was lead to create a photo-observation, which ultimately embraces a challenged trade. Taking his influence from Robert Frank, Paul Graham and Jack Kerouac as well as countless ‘On The Road’ styled songs, his work continues to grow.

Many thanks to The University of Westminster for there ongoing support, Babylon Gallery & ADEC, foto8, Ipswich Borough Council, and the Arts Council of England.

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