Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Talks, Tours and London Tea

Since opening my exhibition at Ipswich Arts School last month, it's been a busy time with talks, tours and workshops. Hosting my premier workshop last week with Northgate High School, I'm scheduled for more during the summer. While I've also allowed time to get out into the city and sock up some of the caffs which sit adjacent to the inner city trunk roads, it's far to say I've meet a hardier folk, yet many have left me touched with their kindness and willingness to help. Notably 'The Shepherdess' just off the A1 between Old Street and Angle, while the 'Hope For Workers Cafe' is the epitome of bustling London Caffs serving a steady flow of cabbies, workers and passers by. Another highlight was Syd's on the A10. Established in 1919, nearly a decade ago, the business has seen highs and lows, carriage fires and countless newspaper clippings. Pre war, the owners ran several similar vans across the city, and now as we push further into the 21st century the shutters remain open, a tea costs 50p and cabbies come and go in their masses. Contrary to the country, I noticed many homeless passing by, as they did, Cheryl, whom works at Syd's, handed out fresh tea for those brave enough to ask. It's a contrast shooting in the city, my cars a constant hindrance, congestion zones are expensive and parking equals turning my hazards lights on keeping a watchful beadie eye for the traffic wardens. Yet i feel it's an integral part of the project, I'll endeavour to continue shooting the city over the next year or so. Hopefully free of fines.....

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